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May 22, 2020

Unemployment is getting worse. Congress is under increasing pressure to pass more spending bills to rescue the economy. So far Congress has focused on immediate relief, but congressional leaders have signaled that future proposals could focus on infrastructure and jobs. 

We talk to someone who’s trying to make sure that climate is a big part of those conversations. Mindy Lubber leads CERES, a non-profit which organizes corporations to take action on climate change. Last week, CERES rallied big-name brands -- like Nike, General Mills, Salesforce and Mars -- around a simple message for Congress: Now is the time to build back better.

Mindy says that if Congress spends trillions of dollars on recovery, that money should go towards rebuilding a low-carbon economy, and that a carbon price should be part of that conversation.

What’s driving these companies to put their political muscle behind climate action? And will their lobbying make a difference?